Sarah Quinlan founded Simply Sarah's Catering in 2006. It had been a long time dream of Sarah's to have a catering company of her own as well as a bakery that would specialize in unique desserts that were not only breathtakingly beautiful but also delicious. Sarah has been in the food industry since 1998. She had a passion for the industry since she was a kid working with her Mom and Grandma in the kitchen, and still has the same excitement today! She has had the opportunity of making desserts for Martina McBride, Starr Jones, George Brett and the Super Bowl kicker Lawrence Tynes.

Rachel, Sarah's sister, has played a vital roll in opening Simply Sarah's Catering. She has been responsible for the marketing end of the business as well as branding. Her roll as a food designer has been fueled by her background in graphic design.

Sarah and Rachel both have the passion and desire to make each clients event unique. So with Sarah's love for food and Rachel's creativity in design they offer each client a culinary experience they will not forget.

Sarah Quinlan